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About Us

ACHIEVER PACKAGING SDN BHD ( “Achiever” ) was founded and established in 1994, with the beginning we are solely in paper packaging business only. When 1996, our company’s management has introduced a latest technique in Paper Cone Packaging from Taiwan. As we known, Taiwan has the most advance technology in paper cone packaging technique especially in the tea and snack cone.

In order to secure our leadership position in the paper cone “Composite Containers” industry and also to provide the distinctive product for our valued customer, in the year 2000 our company has decided to joint-venture with a Taiwanese company. The advantages of the joint-venture are able to let ACHIEVER to get the latest design / technique of the papercone packaging for our valued customer.

Now, our company is the professional “Composite Container” manufacturer in the market.

With the 14 years of growing and experience in manufacturing “Composite Containers”, our products had achieved the International Standard of packaging.

Besides , Our products have been widely to used by our customer to export to the South East Asia and Middle East market.

In the globalization competitive, Achiever has continuous to upgrade our manufacturing facilities, improve manufacturing technique to provide a rapid manufacturing and quality product to meet our customer strictly requirement.

Today, our company can provide our customer for more varieties of packaging style and we believe we are able to help our customer to achieve their target.

Because we are “ACHIEVER”.

Our Further Step:
Due to recently whole world is concerning about the “Global Warming” matters; we have expanded our production to manufacture “Paper Cores / Paper Tubes” which is the latest technology from Taiwan and we have invite some professional technician to help us to set-up this production line and we believe in the future this production will be one of the most important product for our valued customer.

Nowadays, peoples are concern about the Recycling and Environmental thus we believe this product will be widely used to replace the wood and some of the plastic products.

Because it is recyclable and Environment Friendly Product.